Custom Mouthguards in Ewa Beach, HI

Preventive care is the key to maintaining a healthy smile. With the incorporation of a personalized mouthguard or nightguard into your dental routine, you can help prevent dental emergencies and unwanted restorative treatments. Contact our office to see if a protective appliance is a good fit for you!

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Nightguards for Bruxism

Grinding your teeth, otherwise known as bruxism, is damaging to both your teeth and your gums. A receding gum line is often caused by excessive teeth grinding. Additionally, your teeth begin to wear down and can break or crack over time if no preventive measures are taken. Adding a mouthguard for teeth grinding can greatly improve your dental health and prevent irreconcilable damage from occurring.

Mouthguards for Athletics

Common dental emergencies are a broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth. Oftentimes, these are caused by intense physical activity or sports. Wearing a properly-fitted mouthguard during these activities can help you avoid an unwanted dental emergency.

Mouthguard FAQs

How do I clean a mouthguard?

Always rinse your mouthguard immediately after removal as leftover saliva can leave a residue. Brushing with a non-abrasive toothpaste or soaking them in a cleansing solution is necessary to remove bacteria. When storing your mouthguard, ensure your case is clean and allows ventilation.

Do I need a nightguard?

A few signs that you grind your teeth at night include headaches, earaches, pain in your jaw, and disrupted sleep. If you’re experiencing these symptoms frequently, wearing a nightguard while you sleep may be beneficial. The best way to identify teeth grinding is to visit our office for a thorough examination.

How much do nightguards cost?

Your nightguard will be handcrafted for your mouth, which is more costly than a universal mouthguard. However, the price of a preventive appliance is much less than an extensive restorative treatment. During your consultation, we’ll give you an exact price and explanation of our financial options.

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