Quality Dental Crowns in Ewa Beach, HI

If you have a tooth that’s been compromised by decay or dental trauma, we offer beautiful, natural-looking dental crowns to restore its function. Our Ewa Beach dentist is skilled at placing dental crowns that fit in seamlessly with your natural smile. With comfortable amenities and a highly trained team, you’re in great hands in our care. Schedule your visit with us today!

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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that completely covers your natural tooth or a dental implant. The crown can be made of a variety of materials, including all metal, porcelain fused to metal, and all porcelain. Porcelain crowns are often the preferred material as they can be created to match the exact shade of your natural tooth.

Dental Crowns FAQs

What is the dental crown procedure like?

The process of making a customized crown takes place over a few appointments. While each case is unique, the main steps include:

  • Shaping the natural tooth or surgically placing the dental implant
  • Taking impressions of your tooth
  • Capping your tooth with a temporary crown
  • Sending the impressions to an off-site lab
  • Fitting your crown and permanently cementing it to the tooth

Does a dental crown hurt?

When shaping your tooth and placing your dental crown, our team will use a local anesthetic to numb the area we are working on. This ensures you’re comfortable throughout the process and remain relaxed in our care.

How much is a dental crown?

The cost of a dental crown depends largely upon its placement and the material it’s made of. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your budget and determine the best type of dental crown to fit your needs. Once your treatment plan has been created, we will provide you with an accurate cost estimate and go over your financial options with you.

What are the benefits of a dental crown?

A dental crown can alter both the appearance and structure of a tooth. This makes it beneficial for a variety of dental issues, including a cracked tooth, chipped tooth, or severe decay. After having a crown placed, you’ll enjoy:

  • A boost of confidence
  • Restored functionality
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Ability to eat and speak naturally