5 Tips to Fight Chronic Bad Breath

Brunette woman hides her mouth with the rim of a dark brown hat because she is self-conscious about bad breath

Having chronic bad breath (or halitosis) is equally as, if not more humiliating than smiling with food stuck in your teeth or a lipstick smudge on your pearly whites. Yes, we’ve all been there and some of us consider it a daily battle. So, we’ve compiled five tips for neutralizing the bad odor emanating from your mouth.

  1. Practice Great Oral Care

  2. An unimaginable amount of bacteria dwell in your mouth — from the surface of your tongue to the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth to your gum line. And when we slack off on taking care of our oral hygiene, these bacteria inevitably create sulfurous smells. At Laulani Dental Care, we recommend that you brush at a 45-degree angle at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Daily flossing is also crucial, as well as replacing your toothbrush every two to three months. These steps can not only help improve halitosis, but also foster good oral health.

  3. Scrape Your Tongue

  4. Cleaning your tongue is one of the most effective solutions to getting rid of bad breath. Scraping the middle or back of the tongue is a common quick-fix for reducing the sulfur compounds that cause the bad odor. We recommend that you ideally do it after every meal!

  5. Watch Your Diet

  6. Often times, certain foods like garlic and onions can be the worst offenders of bad breath — but the right foods can help you fight off the foul smell! With its antimicrobial properties, spices like cloves, cardamom, fennel, or anise can support the secretion of saliva, which helps you fight the halitosis-causing bacteria. Oranges and berries are high in Vitamin C, which is great for killing bacteria on the spot. Fiber-rich, crunchy veggies can also help increase your saliva and also rub away the plaque on your teeth to eliminate bad breath.

  7. Drink lots of H20

  8. When your mouth is dry, bacteria is likely to build up, causing unwanted halitosis. To combat this, try to be mindful of staying hydrated by drinking water frequently and consistently. Water can also help get rid of bad breath by restoring your mouth’s pH level after drinking an acidic beverage like coffee, and also washing away leftover food particles in your mouth.

  9. Come See Dr. Kim!

  10. If you have chronic bad breath, we urge you to visit Dr. Kim in order to rule out dental problems that particularly require a professional’s attention, like cavities. There is a possibility that he may find that the problem could be an overall issue and advise you to see a specialist or family physician. In either case, it’s imperative that you see us right away so that the halitosis doesn’t increase in severity.

If you’re overdue for a checkup or have any questions about halitosis, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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