Are Citrus Fruits & Juices Good for Teeth?

slices of citrus fruit containing acids that can harm tooth enamel

Managing your oral hygiene can be tricky. While some rules, like avoiding sodas and sugary candy, are easy to understand, the impact of other foods and drinks on your health can be more difficult to determine. One of the foods that presents a conundrum is citrus.

Is Citrus Healthy?

While citrus is high in vitamin C, a part of a healthy diet, citrus is also high in acid content. Acid is one of the enemies of good oral hygiene as it wears away tooth enamel and can increase your risk for developing cavities.

How Does Acid Cause Cavities?

While you probably know that cavities are bad, you may not know exactly how cavities are formed. Your mouth is full of bacteria that feed on sugar and starches to create acid. Acid wears away on your tooth enamel over time and can create cavities, or holes, in your enamel. Your teeth are also exposed to additional acid through your diet, including through citrus fruits and juices. Cavities require prompt detection and treatment because they can lead to infection and tooth decay.

How Can You Incorporate Citrus into a Healthy Diet?

To care for your overall health as well as that of your teeth, consume citrus in moderation. Drinking a glass of water after consuming citrus can help wash teeth clean from food particles and limit the damage from citric acid. Additionally, a good at-home oral hygiene routine can help protect your teeth. You should brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time as well as floss every day to get the maximum benefit.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene!

With proper oral hygiene, you can consume the citrus you need for a healthy diet while also protecting your teeth. To ask our team any questions about oral hygiene or to schedule your next appointment at our office, call us today!

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