How Is Acne Linked to Oral Health?

Brunette young woman hides part of her face behind the trunk of a tree due to worry over some acne

If you’ve visited your dermatologist about acne, but nothing has worked with any success, you might actually want to consult with your dentist. When you’re considering possible causes of acne, you might normally think of the foods you eat, medications, genetics, or even lifestyle choices. But surprisingly, medical professionals have even linked some cases of acne to dental health!

Acne Bacteria

According to a study by Vanderbilt University, there’s evidence that an infected tooth can be the culprit in stubborn cases of acne. As soon as the patient’s tooth was pulled, the acne completely disappeared. As it turns out, the same bacteria that causes acne (also known as propionibacterium) is also present in the oral cavity, in various parts of both the mouth and throat. Following a mouth infection, this bacteria rapidly increases in quantity, leading to skin inflammation and acne.

Immunologic Response

Acne triggers the immune system to produce antibodies against propionibacterium, the same bacteria that’s present in the mouth and throat. When the presence of such bacteria is found, dental infections could indeed provoke an inflammatory response. Though the evidence is limited, there’s great reason to believe that acne and oral health are linked.

The Tooth Connection

Essentially, our teeth are connected to other organs in our body. Therefore, the condition of our teeth can directly impact the condition of our skin. Of course, not everyone with tooth decay has acne. And, not everyone with acne has tooth decay. But, if popular acne medications don’t work, such as benzoyl peroxide and tetracycline, it may actually be time to visit Dr. Kim at Laulani Dental Care. Moreover, be sure you wash your face after you brush your teeth to wash off any toothpaste residue from around your mouth that could be irritating your skin!

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If you are struggling with chronic acne, consider: when was the last time I visited the dentist? The buildup of harmful plaque and tartar could be causing an inflammatory response in our body. We’re committed to getting you the healthy smile you deserve. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile, and hopefully clearer skin!

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